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There is no one-common path for a transgender's journey. While some have support from their families and social circles, others may endure struggles and oppressive circumstances. In this ongoing documentary series--beginning in the Bay Area in spring 2019, Tirado finds trans individuals to document to help tell their story.

From the Bay Area, California to Seattle, Washington, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,Trans, Queer +  family creates safe and welcoming spaces for members and allies of their community; hosting events, activities, & ultimately: their own utopias.

(December 2018)

The Original Joe's Italian-American restaurant chain has been around since 1937 in the San Francisco Area. With it's legacy on a high-scale within the city, the restaurant is also highly known for it's longtime employees. Careers ranging from 10 years to nearly 50, take a look into some of Joe's well-known workers.

(Fall 2018)

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